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Shipping & Handling
At Rhinehart's Rotary And Designs, we strive to provide, up-to-date Freight and or Shipping Rates. However, due to volutility and fluctuations associate with shipping and freight services costs, our rates change daily. Understand that orders that have freight or shipping rates included and stored in your cart, need to be resubmitted for accurate rating and costs. If you have any questions concerning shipping, please contact us directly so that we can provide an accurate up-to-the-minute rate quote. Some items require a handling or processing fee as we are charged by the manufacturer for the same.
Rhinehart's  strives to keep these types of charges at a minimum by submitting one or two (1-2) orders per week for all of that particular brand's orders on Rhinehart's Rotary And Designs. If you require the same day shipping for your order, that is also acceptable but would incurr it's own processing charge.
Accurate shipping information provided by you upon order submission will make  shipping and time to ship much faster. Also we would like to know if ship to address is Residential or Commercial, as rates vary depending on the ship to location type.

All parts sold by Rhinehart's Rotary and designs are tested & checked to be in good working order prior to putting them into inventory. Because we are selling 20+ year old parts, all parts are being sold AS-IS with NO WARRANTY & all sales are final unless otherwise stated. Please see the description of the product prior to purchasing for condition.
If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us at:
Phone: (717) 405-6860
Thank You - Management